Hydrogen-hub North Holland

The Dutch Province of Noord-Holland (North Holland) has around 3 million inhabitants and is home to the largest urban area of the Netherlands, known as the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA). At the moment, the province is taking steps to become an accelerator region for the European transition towards green energy. Around Amsterdam (North Sea Canal Area), an industry cluster consisting of steel mills and fuel plants is preparing for their transformation towards a sustainable energy system. In this system, hydrogen plays a key role. To this end, the region is developing green hydrogen-based value chains, which include the import, production, storage, distribution, usage and export of hydrogen to the rest of Europe.

The area around the city of Den Helder, which is located to the north of Amsterdam, will focus on production, storage and transportation while the industry in the canal area between Amsterdam and the North Sea will concentrate on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) to be used on Schiphol Airport, and fuels for steel production.

The Valley

This combination of activities makes the Province of North Holland an ideal candidate to become Europe’s next Hydrogen Valley. The quantities of hydrogen needed for steel production and Sustainable Aviation Fuels guarantee that not only the region itself, but also the rest of the Netherlands and other parts of Europe will profit from the rise of a hydrogen-based economy in this Western part of the Netherlands.

The extensive shoreline of the province assures that energy – whether it is in the form of molecules or electrons – can flow from the sea into the system. The three ports, Amsterdam, Den Helder and IJmuiden are also well-positioned to import green hydrogen produced in other regions around the world. It is fair to state that this entire ecosystem, with its multiple value chains, can be a gamechanger in the success of green hydrogen in Europe.

Position papers

How we cooperate, and what projects are planned to build our hydrogen hub is explained in two position papers


Project map

More information about the hydrogen project in the province of North Holland can be found via the interactive map, below. Since the various projects are developing rapidly, the map will be constantly updated. In spite of these efforts, it might be possible the map does not reflect the current status of the project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.


For more information, please contact:

Programmabureau NZKG (North Sea Canal Area Project Office)
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